Mango Shock

Culture shock can occur due to plenty of different things. Here in India, I have come across a few interesting and “shocking” things, but nothing more than a mango I bought from the side of the road on my way home. How about all the other new things? Yes, I have had some new bathroom experiences where … Continue reading Mango Shock

My First Slum Visit

Last week USAC as a whole briefly visited the Nagar Slum, the biggest slum in Bangalore, where we will be completing our service learning. As a group of twenty foreigners, we strolled through the slum’s maze. Children waved hello and heads turned as we walked down the path. I definitely felt eyes on us as we … Continue reading My First Slum Visit

7 Days in India

After about 27 hours of long travel  which consisted of two movies and an entire season of Parks and Rec, lots of sleep, and distress from a delayed flight in Hong Kong, I finally arrived here in India. I can now say jet lag is real. This past week has been the epitome of go, go … Continue reading 7 Days in India


T-20 days until departure. While I am still fighting finals season, I am also caught packing for India and sorting my life into boxes for summer storage. I am definitely starting to wonder what I need to pack. No advice columns or checklists can make me feel that I have covered every niche and corner of … Continue reading PREPARATION